Cốc Cốc browser, the new revolution of web browser

Vietnamese browser Coc Coc takes on Google Chrome

Coc Coc is the second most popular web browser in Vietnam, coming after only Google Chrome, according to data from ComScore.

Google Chrome currently has 5.95 million users in Vietnam, compared to 4.19 Coc Coc users. Coc Coc is expected to overtake Chrome as the top browser in the near future, having already overtaken Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Coc Coc was created by Vietnamese developers especially for a Vietnamese audience. It automatically checks Vietnamese spellings and suggests corrections for misspellings with a 90% accuracy rate. It also boasts a high download speed for files and it recently added features to help users with maths queries.

It’s not only Coc Coc’s web browser that is doing well in Vietnam. Its search engine is the most visited website in the country, and the company recently received 14 million US dollars to help it expand across South East Asia and further penetrate the market.

Download Coc Coc here

When you click on the link to download Coc Coc, the advertisement will be opened, please wait until the Skip Ads button appear and then click on Skip Ads to download the software.


Source: Blog.webcertain.com


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