About Service Catalog Connectors

When user changed the connector of svc catalog item, it will call the wizard:svcCat Select Connector. The wizard will call the js code:

var fConnector = new SCFile(“svcCatInterface”);
var sqlQuery;

if (vars.$fromBundle==true)
system.vars.$L_connector_list= [“Open New Request”];

{ if (vars[‘$L.file’][‘support.item’]) // support item
sqlQuery = ‘interface.name~=”Open a Service Desk Interaction” or record.type~=”incidents”‘;
else if (vars[‘$L.file’][‘non.cart’]) // non-cart
sqlQuery = “record.type = \”incidents\””;
else // For with service item
sqlQuery = “record.type ~= \”incidents\” or record.type=NULL”;

var rc = fConnector.doSelect( sqlQuery );

while ( rc == RC_SUCCESS )
var $connector = fConnector.interface_name;
system.vars.$L_connector_list = system.functions.insert( system.vars.$L_connector_list, 0, 1, $connector);
rc = fConnector.getNext();


NoteSystem will not allow users to choose incidents catalog type as the above code. If you want to make the incidents type connector to be presented, you need to modify this code.


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