[Continued] How to restrict view of Internal KM Documents

So we continue on the way of restricting  view of Internal KM Documents. Firstly, we all know that each KM Document will have its own category, each category will have the mapping for one or more KM Groups and Profiles. E.x, see below capture:

Knowledge Management > Configuration > KM Document Categories:


In the above screen, we saw that in ESS Users Category, we will map group ESS Users to Profile ESS Users. Which means that all the operators (users) in group ESS Users will have the permission / setting of Profile: ESS Users.

Now we will move to ESS Users profile(Knowledge Management > Administration > Profiles) :

We saw that this profile contains two tabs: View External and View Internal:





That’s all we need! We need to check/uncheck the checkboxes: View Externally…. , View internally… ; so we can enable the restriction on published documents

Move to the KM Groups (Knowledge Management > Administration> Knowledge Groups) , we will add the operators (users) that we don’t want them to see the internal documents:



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