Steps to get the dump file in RC to troubleshoot

When working on RC cases, we have to enable the trace and collect some logs to process the troubleshooting like SM or CIT, here is the steps:

1. Go to C:\HP\RC9.2x\conf
2. On there you will find the following files:
c. (this file may vary, according to the name you gave it to the adapter, on this example my adapter name is smrc)
3. We are going to edit files “a” and “b” on the following line:
4.Please do that on both files, save it and exit.
5.We also are going to edit file “c”. Please uncomment the lines in yellow:
6. Save and close the file.
7. Stop the RC service.
8.Go to C:\HP\RC92x\servers\server-0\work and delete the Catalina folder
9. Go to C:\HP\RC92x\servers\server-0\logs and delete all files
10. Start RC service again.
11. Reproduce the issue.
12.Go to C:\HP\RC92x\bin
13. Execute the file: Dump.bat
14. When it finishes, you should see a new file created named
15. Please go to C:\HP\RC9.2x\bin and send the file.
16. Undo the changes done in the files a, b and c.
17. Restart the service.


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