Getting error when connecting with SSL in HP Service Manager 941

ssl-issue with HP SM

Here is one of my issues that I got when I tried to setup the SSL in 9.41 version. After generated all the required certificate files (Server, Client, cacerts), and placing these files to the appropriate spaces ( RUN folder,… ). I added the SSL parameters to sm.ini and sm.cfg, then started the service. But when I tried to connect to SM with SSL port, the error happened:


Error in log:

RTE E GetPreference DOS attack detected! Session will be terminated.


I think you already got this issue when working with SSL, and I believe you all have your own solution for that, now I am sharing my workaround to bypass the issue:



1. Add to hosts file of SM Server:

<ip_client> client_hostname

2. Connect to SM using hostname instead of IP address


Thats worked!!!

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