Getting error when connecting with SSL in HP Service Manager 941

ssl-issue with HP SM

Here is one of my issues that I got when I tried to setup the SSL in 9.41 version. After generated all the required certificate files (Server, Client, cacerts), and placing these files to the appropriate spaces ( RUN folder,… ). I added the SSL parameters to sm.ini and sm.cfg, then started the service. But when I tried to connect to SM with SSL port, the error happened:


Error in log:

RTE E GetPreference DOS attack detected! Session will be terminated.


I think you already got this issue when working with SSL, and I believe you all have your own solution for that, now I am sharing my workaround to bypass the issue:



1. Add to hosts file of SM Server:

<ip_client> client_hostname

2. Connect to SM using hostname instead of IP address


Thats worked!!!



  1. hi Admin,

    I am trying to configure SSL on my SM 9,41 and I get the same error message as above in the log file.

    However, after I tried your workaround, I am still getting the same error in the log file.

    From your workaround,

    1. Add to hosts file of SM Server:
    (Do you mean to access to the server where I installed my SM server and navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file and add the machine hostname where I install my SM client in the host file? If I install both SM server and client on the same machine, then the ip and the client will be my server ip and server hostname?)

    2. Connect to SM using hostname instead of IP address
    (Do you mean when I start up SM Client, input my server host name at the server host name field?)

    If yes, I have done the above steps but still getting the same error message.

    Can you advice?


    1. Hi,

      Thanks for your comment!

      From one of the old issues, we saw that the certs having some missing key, so it need to be re-generated. Also, are you using LB or not? If you are using LB, you need to verify by connecting to one SSL port directly to make sure the certs have no problem.
      One more point: you use Win client or Web or other client when connecting to Server?



      1. hi Admin,

        Thanks for your reply. Can I know what key is missing and what is the steps to re-generate it?

        No, I am not using LB. Currently, my web, client and server are installed in the same server.

        I tried both, Win client and Web client.

        Also, I only configured my sm.ini files. Can I know what do I need to configure in the sm.cfg file for SSL to work?

        Thank you.


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