Run Report Scheduling

HP SM report

This post will show you how to schedule the report process in HP Service Manager.

Note: this is applicable for SM version 9.4x or later as the report module only available since them

1. Enter the parameters to sm.ini:
dashboard_export_path: <path to export folder>
2. Go to cmd, cd to RUN folder of SM, enter the command: sm -JVMOption0:-Xms1024m -JVMOption1:-Xmx1024m report.export
3. Login to SM, go to your Report Schedule, edit your schedule with parameters:
– Tab Rule: Start: choose your start time.
– Recurrence: it only has daily scheduler, so the schedule only can run daily.
– Start at: choose the time in day that you want to run the schedule.
– Then click Schedule.
4. After that, you will receive the exported report in defined folder.


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