Get debug trace HP Service Manager – HP OMi integration

HP SM integration HP OMI

In this post, I will share the detailed steps that we will use to enable the debug trace between SM – integration – OMi to troubleshoot issues.

Firstly, we have to set a dedicated port for the HP Service Manager – OMi integration ( i.e 13081, 13082,… ) other than default port 13080
The steps are :

1. Enable DEBUG logging on BSM (OMi) end :
Set loglevel = DEBUG

and for

%TOPAZ_HOME%\conf\core\Tools\log4j\ opr-scripting-host\
Set loglevel = DEBUG

2. SM Trace
Add the below line in sm.cfg :
sm -httpPort:13085 -httpsPort:13086 -RTM:3 -debugdbquery:999 -debughttp:1 -debugnode:1 -log:../logs/SMBSMtrace.log
Restart SM service

3. Now, change the BSM “connected Server” to use port 13085

4. Reproduce the issue :
– Forward an event manually or via forwarding rules.
– Provide the event ID which was forwarded

5. Collect the following files :
– The SMBSMtrace.log and http.log file FROM SM
– All the logs from BSM under “%TOPAZ_HOME%\log\wde” and under “%TOPAZ_HOME%\log\opr-scripting-host” in a zipped file
– The screenshot showing the issue

Based from that, we will start the investigation and troubleshooting


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