How to Change ‘Service Portal’ Text Color at Header in SRC Web


First is editing flash with style.swf, panal.swf. This way require flash technique, I’m not able to show you. So I show you second way – editing font.css.

As it said that editing flash is higher priority, you should remove or comment out these things in Tomcat X.X\webapps\src-9.40\secure\configuration\manifest.xml:
Next step is to open Tomcat X.X\webapps\src-9.40\secure\configuration\default\font.css, this is where you can modify the “Service Portal” color:

.headerTitle {
font-size: 20;
color: #ffffff;
font-family: HPSimplified;
You can see color:#ffffff, #ffffff is white color in hex, you can check for color hex code here
After editing, you should clear SRC, tomcat cache.


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