Enable Optical Character Recognition on other processes

Source: https://s3.amazonaws.com/smhelpcenter/smhelp940/codeless/index.html#smartanalytics/tasks/execute_ocr_in_other_processes.htm?Highlight=OCR

As we all know the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is an out-of-box feature for Smart Ticket, which can extract texts from images, and then put the text into the interaction records when submitting requests by using Smart Ticket.
If you want to execute OCR when proceeding with other processes such as escalating, saving, or closing records, you can refer to the following example to tailor your Service Manager.
To execute OCR when escalating an interaction to an incident in Service Manager Codeless, follow these steps:
1. Add a new ScriptLibrary, such as IDOL_OCR_Esclation, as follows:
function processOCRPD(interaction, language) {
var ocrResult = lib.IDOL_Utilities.processOCR(interaction, ‘description’, language);
if (ocrResult) {
system.functions.rtecall(“refresh”, vars[‘$L.errorcode’], interaction);
2. Update the “sd.escalate” process:
1. Open the “sd.escalate” process, and then go to the RAD tab.
2. Locate the “se.view.engine” RAD application.
3. In the Post RAD Expressions section of the “se.view.engine” RAD application, add the following statement:
if ($L.es.action={“added”, “normal”, “resetrec”}) then ($L.void=jscall(“IDOL_OCR_Esclation.processOCRPD”, $L.file, $G.my.language))


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