What actually IR Expert is?

IR Expert is a full-text index in dbdict.
It can be defined for any character and array of character fields
– The key values are cut into words, then analyse word stems, special characters will be normalised, remove predefined stopwords and then these terms will be inserted to the IR index
– Same analysis is done with IR query before checking IR index
– It‘s language dependent (ir_language parameter
One IR key is used per dbdict
By default it is stored in scirexpert file (since SC6.0)
– It can be changed back to flat file by ir_external_files parameter
– IR Expered is used for Knowledge Engineering module (core, protocore dbdict, succeeded by Knowledge Management)
IR updates can be performed by background process (strongly recommended!)
– better response times to user
– ir_asynchronous parameter
– IRQUEUE process (sm –que:ir), irqueue dbdict
IR index corruption can only be repaired by IR regen
– Have in mind that IR regen takes long…
– When configured asynchronous, IR regen be performed on backup in test system
Tuning recommended!
– Look into Diagnostics and Tuning Whitepaper
– Since IR index is held in Shared Memory, locks need to be communicated between horizontally-scaled instances
– IR in horizontal environment works stable with SM7.11
– In SM7.x when horizontally-scaled, ir_asynchronous is enforced


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