Steps to trace Connect – IT issues

Hi there, same with working with HP Service Manager , when troubleshooting issues related to HP Connect IT , we have to follow / do some steps the get the trace in connect it. Lets take a look!

1. Attach the following files in a zip file:
• scenario (.scn) file.
• conitgui.log (or service log if running as a service). These are found in the ‘Bin’ directory.
• monitor logs without any filter:
– configure the monitor logs without any filter
– activate the “show query in tracking lines” option in Edit menu–>option–>Accessory–>Logs

Note: here you can also configure the MB of log file, maximum number of lines in the log
– monitors -> configure monitors -> session backup -> normal processing and enable monitor and choose the path to backup directory
– run the scenario
– send the scenario with the complete directory of monitor logs

2. Please identify the vendor and release for the Operating System Connect-It is running on
• For example, Windows 2008 Sp2 64-bit, Windows 2003 server 32-bit, AIX 5.1L, Solaris 2.6, Red Hat Linux 4.0, Debian Linux 3.0

3. When using EMAIL connector, we have the checkbox that will enable all the tracing lines when the connector is processing, the option is in this path:

  • Hold Ctrl button when clicking Edite > Options > Accessory > Trace > Mail

Although there are still some useful options here, but these above are the common options that we are using to detect and work on CIT issues

3. Final necessary steps are Steps to reproduce this issue


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