To make the Journal Update in Change record (cm3r)

In OOB, the Change record doesn’t have the Journal Update field like other modules: IM, SD,… So if we want to enable this field for Change Module, this steps below will help you to achieve that:

1. Double click on Processes in Document Engine:
2. Search: in Process Name ( or  on non-PDCP version)
3. Add some line below in tab Initial Expressions:
$L.operator=nullsub(operator(), “NULL”)
$L.stamp=str(tod())+” (“+$L.operator+”):”
if (lng(denull($cm.update))>1 or denull($cm.update)~={“”}) then (update.action in $L.file=denull($cm.update)+denull(update.action in $L.file); update.action in $L.file=insert(update.action in $L.file, 1, 1, $L.stamp))
4. Click Save -> Click OK
5. Ok, done the code to write the content into update.action field, now out next action is adding the field to the form.

This actually a simple steps, you can just copy the same from other form of other modules: SD, IM



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